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Chevron Case Study

Problem Statement

Technical and Application Complexity:

  • Existing App had no documentation and was to be upgraded to latest MS.NET v 4.0
  • Infinite received Fixed bid contract for enhancing Reflex in 3.5 months with agile requirements
  • Chevron wanted each page to load in less than 10 seconds where millions of records are fetched

Overall Automation and Productivity:

  • Reflex Legacy was to retain communication with new modules and hence a ASP.NET to MVC communication channel was setup within the app
  • Team had to spend extra hours for manual merges initially as no remote access to client network / TFS for offshore team

Infinite Solution & Differentiated/ Value Additions

Technical Upgrade:

  • Infinite offered to study the existing application and provide a Help Guide for future usage
  • Proposed Onsite-Offshore Model along with Agile Development Processes based on Sprints
  • Developed high performance, DB oriented data processing for data to display on screen

Agile Scrum processes and Automation:

  • ICS utilized the services of Testing Incubation Lab in terms of proven, framework of manual testing
  • With ever evolving requirements Dev sprints were made smaller and executed with adjustments

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