Web Development

Custom Line of Business Apps

Businesses usually customize or extend Line of Business software to better meet their needs. Some even take this further with creating their own applications if current options aren’t particularly viable. All of these customization, if done properly, give the company a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Connect with us to develop any custom Line of Business application that will take all of your business functions need and put them together in a simple, easy to use web based interface built using modern frameworks on Microsoft stack including .NET MVC, Javascript, HTML 5, Web API, Microsoft Azure, SQL Server and Power BI.

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Infinite Computing Systems User Experience

UI /UX Development

User Experience, abbreviated as UX is the area of web design wherein the professional works on enhancing the whole experience that a user has with a company, its products or services. Speaking in terms of a website, this essentially means that UX includes aspects such as the website’s content, the systems that support it, its structure, and its design (yes that also means but is not limited to, the User Interface). A good user experience would translates to customer satisfaction and loyalty by taking measures for improving the site’s ease of use, usability and interaction between product and end use.

API Development

API allow businesses to easily integrate their apps with other third party applications used in house. It allows apps to exchange the data to each other using the industry standard data exchange formats such as XML and Json. Additionally, it  lowers the effort of manual data exchange required for apps to run. At Infinite, we have done more than 100 + projects demonstrating the benefits of designing and developing APIs for Line of Business Apps. We use Microsoft Web API framework built on .NET stack.

Infinite Computing Systems API Development

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