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Client Profile

Iowa Department of Transportation


Client Size:
3,000 employees

Ames, IA

Services Provided:
Web Portal Redesign
Reporting Capability
Google Mapping Integration

Technologies Used:
Microsoft .Net 4.0

Executive Summary

The Iowa Department of Transportation required an application that could serve their employees, the transportation industry and the traveling public; by providing relevant information about the current weather conditions with critical timeliness. An off-the-shelf product wasn’t adequate; the application had to be built to exact specifications. Infinite developed a custom application for Iowa DOT that provides the requested services and reliable performance needed.

The Challenges of an Inadequate Application

The Iowa DOT had a web portal that was too basic for their needs. The main issues included:

Limited Information
Useful information regarding weather and road conditions existed, but only a small subset of data was available online. Although data was gathered at multiple locations by sensors, Iowa DOT’s web portal did not have the functionality to enable users to access it.

Static Maps
All the maps on Iowa DOT’s web portal were completely static, lacking interactive features that would allow users the opportunity to look at the specific characteristics of interest.

Users couldn’t confirm how accurate or relevant the information they were looking at. It was impossible to determine if it was outdated, recently updated or real time.

The Infinite Solution

In response to the challenges Weatherview faced, Infinite implemented the following solutions:

  • Web portal redesign
  • Adding and organizing information
  • high-end reporting and graphing
  • Visuals or current conditions
  • Interactive Google maps format
  • Automatic DOT operational alerts

Web Portal Re-Design

Infinite completely redesigned Iowa DOT’s web portal to equip the necessary functionality to better serve the interests of taxpayers-employees, industry and include the public in general.

The Weatherview web portal built by Infinite is helpful in multiple capacities. In trip planning and roadway safety it translates into savings for transportation industry, as it provides accurate information fundamental to risk management and contingency planning.

Automatic DOT operational alerts

With Weatherview, DOT managers receive system e-mails based on predetermined parameters that they can customize.

These alerts keep them informed about the conditions on the roads they maintain, providing a valuable tool to ensure public safety.

Adding and organizing information

In order to enable users to access information, regarding weather and road conditions, hundreds of sensors were added and organized in the database. Infinite reformatted the structure on how it was presented, organized the reports, graphs and interactive maps. This enables the general public and transportation professionals to manage risk and travel safely.

Visuals of the current conditions

As a complementary feature for the current conditions reports, Infinite introduced visuals that allow users to access images captured in near real-time by cameras at the location they are inquiring about.

By having the ability to see the physical conditions at the road of their interest on the Weatherview web portal, users know what to expect when traveling.

Interactive Google Maps Format

Infinite replaced the outdated static maps with interactive ones in Google maps format, giving users the option to customize them to their interests by showing various layers such as air temperature, dew point and wind speed.

This interactive experience allows users to make maps as simple or detailed as needed.

High-end Reporting and Graphing

A significant enhancement for Iowa DOT operations was introducing high end reporting and graphing with integrated data from multiple sources.

This permits the DOT to generate customized reports covering various data types, either separately or combined in a single graph.


As promised, Infinite delivered a reliable and efficient technology solution custom made according to the Iowa DOT’s specifications.

The Weatherview web portal, created and maintained by Infinite, continues to benefit the public, the transportation industry, and the Iowa DOT.

By making accessible valuable information that is critical to manage risk and travel safety.

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