Filtered Lookup

What is a Filtered Lookup?

  • A filtered Lookup with required lookup filters shows only those values which match the lookup criteria in the lookup dialog.
  • It also ensures that the user can’t edit and save invalid values on editing the fields.
  • It limits and precise the Options to be selected and thereby reducing searching time.
Filtered Lookup


As we can see from the above image, “A Datum” is the account and Eva Elznicova, Tom O’ Neill and Vincent Lauriant are contacts associated to this account. So if we want to create a look up view of primary contacts on Accounts Edit form in Resco Mobile App below are the steps that have to be followed.

Following are the steps to create a filtered lookup (Here we have explained).

  • Step 1: Enable the primary contact field on account entity (The field on which the lookup criteria has to be applied)
Filtered Lookup Step 1
  • Step 2: Create a new lookup view for contact entity
Filtered Lookup Step 2
  • Step 3: Give a desired name to the lookup view
  • Add desired number of primary and secondary fields in the template drop down as shown in the image. There are 3 Options available in “templates” which can be are explained in the following table
  • Template Options


Primary + 2 Secondary  Template Options 1 Displays the view with 1 main field and 2 sub fields.
Primary + 3 Secondary   Template Options 1 Displays the view with 1 main field and 3 sub fields.
2 Primary +2 Secondary  Template Options 1 Displays the view with 2 main field and 2 sub fields.
  • Hidden option can be checked so that it won’t be seen in the view selector in the mobile CRM application.
  • Step 4: Select “look up view “ view Option in the Type drop down
  • Step 5: Open the Edit Filter select the “Condition” click on the enter value field and click on set variable on the toolbar
Filtered Lookup Step 5
  • Step 6: Select the condition as per which you want the filtered lookup view.

Here we have selected “Company name” mapping to the accountid.

  • Step 7: Save and close the filter and save and close the view.
  • Step 8: Publish the Project by clicking on the Publish button on the top left corner.
Filtered Lookup Step 8

Step 9: Synchronize the Mobile App to get the updated result using synchronize button as shown in the below image.

Filtered Lookup Step 9
  • After Synchronizing the Resco Mobile App:

Click on any accounts view and go to edit option. As we can see in the following image. When we look into the form of “A Datum”, we can see the list of contacts i.e. (Eva, Tom and Vincent) that only belong to “A Datum”. Out these contacts anyone can be selected to set as  “primary contact”

Sync Mobile App