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Power BI & Data Analytics

Your business will find it difficult to gain a competitive edge from a trend everyone in the industry sees happening. The strongest corporate performance and largest profits always come from having the right team to help you implement data-driven solutions that allow you to take advantage of the harder to see trends and patterns that aren’t so obvious

Organizational data is typically fragmented and scattered across various formats and storage devices. This makes everyday tasks such as pulling accurate reports from the last quarter a chore rather than a simple click solution.

At Infinite Computing Systems, we understand the importance and the need for correct decision making. Our Business Intelligence and Data analytics line of products are designed to easily integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and help you get started quickly.

Our BI dashboards can easily connect to multiple data sources scattered across your organization and bring them together on one single dashboard to proactively give you actionable insights. Our dashboards are optimized for your business and address the key KPI’s that matter to you. Standard features on all our dashboards are shown to the right.

  • Real-time notification and alerts
  • Excel spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming data, and on-premises databases — no matter where your data lives or what form it’s in, you get a holistic view of the key metrics for your business.
  • Organization specific branding and UI customization of Dashboard
  • Available on Mobile Devices
  • Use Q&A to explore your data using intuitive, natural language capabilities and receive answers in the form of charts and graphs.
  • Data insights: Get insights into your data and find out how your business is performing
  • Free upgrades for 180 days

How Business Intelligence Delivers ROI

Access all of the information and relevant data you need to make smart marketing decisions with your customized dashboard that brings full transparency to your KPIs and ROI.

  1. Improve Processes
    Dashboards for business intelligence and analytics helps to identify and locate the flaws in your processes, allowing you to streamline them, resulting in an increase in profits generated
  2. Transparency
    The reporting process generally lacks consistency and accountability. Business Intelligence helps deliver the information to the right people using language that the recipient understands, leading to making better-informed decisions and keeping projects on track
  3. Boost Productivity
    Get accurate intelligence reports that are pulled directly from your DMS, or a customized enterprise reporting system that is integrated with your DMS. An often overlooked but crucial benefit to using these types of reports is that they can be run quickly, thereby increasing your staff’s productivity
Power BI - Infinite Computing Systems

Marketers use dashboards to deliver smarter ROI in at least 4 ways:

  • Smarter ROI Analysis
  • Smarter board reports
  • Smarter content definition
  • Smarter predictions

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