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IT Executive Search

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Infinite Computing Systems has helped companies build superior leadership teams. Expedite your hiring process for C-level and VP-level roles by leveraging on our proven methodology of identification, assessment and recruitment.

Role of Executive Search Firm

Executive search firms have an in-depth understanding of the needs and requirements of multiple industries across various domains. Infinite brings an advantage of a strong network built over 20+ years with skilled consultants that are capable of understanding your business and identifying the right candidate for you.
Our IT executive search team provides specialized and value added solutions by identifying and acquiring senior management talents in verticals, like Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Technology, Consumer Durables, Financial Services, Pharma and Healthcare.

Client Kick Off

We conduct extensive research to build a profile of your ideal executive. We work with you to create job description with key competencies for evaluating candidates.

Candidate Development

We develop a handpicked pool of custom-matched executive talent. Our evaluation process involves a set of specific criteria to narrow down the list of candidates. These criteria of the evaluation process is education qualification, work experience, Location and compensation. Not only limited to this, we also check skills like Leadership, Time management, problem solving and communication.

Streamlined Search Process

You conduct back to back interviews of select, these highly skilled executives. Our consultants will work with you for sharing resumes, scheduling interviews and coordinating for the feed backs.

Final Interview Stage

You make your final selection, and we manage all recruitment and negotiation. As a process of finalizing the candidate for the required position, we conduct formal reference check. We will also discuss and advice you for the compensation package.

Search Conclusion

You hire an experienced, top-notch executive under an accelerated timeline. We ensure on boarding of the selected candidate to the organization so that our goal together is achieved.

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