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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation - Infinite Computing Systems

You need to augment your staff

As costs continue to rise year after year, so does the drive to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by means of technological innovation, resulting in growth of IT projects whose successes or failures hinge on the ability to complete it on-time, within budget, and to specifications.

Lagging behind the IT innovation curve as that can be very disastrous for your company. Businesses who are content with IT business-as-usual may find themselves relying on outdated legacy systems. If those fail, it could cripple their business. This is why companies choose Infinite for help with completing their projects.

The most effective solution many companies are turning to when they need help with their projects is Staff Augmentation.

5-Star Recruiting Process

Worldwide and nationwide placements available on demand

Infinite’s recruiters are trusted advisors and natural relationship builders who are passionate about identifying great talent for our clients.  Experts at conducting technical screenings and evaluations intangible skills, our recruiters ensure that you receive competent resources that are also a perfect match for your company’s culture.

Following our 5-Star model, our recruiters are able to identify the top talent who is perfect to complete your team.

Infinite provides a 2-week performance guarantee. We have a 24-to-48 hour turnaround time from requirements to résumé submission.

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