Various Customization Options

Various Customization Options

Various Customization Options


  • User can create multiple charts in dashboards by selecting single or different entities.
  • This option helps Application user to analyze the data present over CRM for better business and Management.
  • Here also we can Add Iframe and display our own charts and data.


  • User can enable chat options form here. This Chat is among single channel.
  • Chat option Helps Filed Service Agents to interact with each other and solve queries if any.


  • User can edit the manufacturer name, Title Subtitle, Website and Support Email.
  • This is also a customizable field where we can edit the UI of whole Screen.
  • We can Show whatever Fields we want for Branding our Mobile Application.
  • This screen is shown in About entity in Dashboard view which will be visible to every mobile application user.


  • This is a Log file where user can see all changes done in Data fields.
  • This option helps Managers and admin to track their service Agents, their work and updates with accurate timestamps and positions.


Resco Customize - Infinite Computing Systems
  • User can add logos and images in Images option and can create Custom directory also.
  • User can add images for specific platforms.
  • These images must be Of PNG type and size 140 x 140 pixels.

Offline HTML

  • We can upload our custom developed HTML files in Offline HTML and these files can be used in iframes.
  • It also offer to store files in proper folder structure for ease.
  • We can also download files from Offline HTML to our own storage.


  • This option is used to configure the screen options and entities.
  • It gives multiple options for Mobile Application configurations related to Security, Data, Accounts, and Email Etc.
Resco Customize - Infinite Computing Systems

Global Maps

  • User Must Enter Google Maps API developer key in configurations Accounts option.
  • In this option user can add entities and their respective views on which map should be enabled.
Resco Customize - Infinite Computing Systems
  • User can create multiple maps and add multiple entities in that map.
  • User must enable GPS, longitude and latitude fields for those added Entities.
  • After enabling maps for different fields, we can show a global map through Home on dashboard.
  • This global map helps application user to see multiple entity pins on single map.
Resco Customize - Infinite Computing Systems


  • User can add any activity entity to be available on the Calendar. Custom entities are also supported. For calendar, user can set various constraints, and different color rules. User can also create multiple calendars, and each calendar can have different activity entities displayed, and different constraints and rules applied.
  • Application user can sync this with regular Mobile Calendar which means reminders related to CRM will be shown on mobile calendar.
  • It can be used to show appointment dates and work orders dates related to service Agent.
  • It does not have any reminder facility here but Events and Reminders can be synced with Calendar to show Reminders.

Route Plans

  • Route plans can be used for making appointments on map directly, for placing entities directly on map and creating routes for them.
  • Route plans helps user to optimize their work route by minimizing the time required to travel.

How it Works?

  • It shows user all the entity pins on map and give user, options to select the Start Location, end location and work order pins to be covered in between.
  • After selecting and saving all these locations, user can see total time taken to travel and time saved.
  • Now user can change the sequence of locations to be covered and find the optimized Route Plan which has minimum travel time and maximum saving time.

Events and Reminders

  • This option defines how to show personal events in app’s calendar.
  • User can enable personal events and reminders also.
  • Here we can create multiple Events and reminders and in each event and reminder we can set Start and End time and can sync it with calendar present in Woodford solutions in Dynamic 365, not with our Mobile calendar.

Color Theme

  • From this option we can theme mobile application as per requirement. It gives option to edit color for each bar and field.
  • Options for platforms are also available like IOS, Android, and Windows. So user can select different theme for different platforms.


  • This gives an option to add Documents to a Cloud like SharePoint or drop box.
  • It is very useful to link our application with SharePoint or other cloud platforms as it can reduce the storage needed on our phone which helps in better and smooth working of application.


  • This option helps to configure exchange sync.
  • User can change DAYS after which Email or contacts should be displayed on app and days after which appointments should be displayed on app.


  • User is able to change DAYS after which Gmail mails and contacts should be displayed on app and days after which appointments should be displayed on app.

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