Infinite Computing Systems and SiteCore

SiteCore is a commercial content management solution that goes above and beyond to provide flexibility that serves customer needs. SiteCore is scalable from WCMS to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to digital marketing. SiteCore’s WCMS puts the power of personalization and conversation management right in the hands of your marketers and business users. Now your website becomes a critical engagement engine, working with all of your digital marketing channels to increase conversions, drive revenue, and meet real business objectives.

From the moment a visitor enters your site, they begin to create a digital fingerprint. With SiteCore, you can harness that fingerprint to continually personalize and optimize the visitor experience in real time.  Content authors and editors have full ability to easily create and edit the experience –from text, to rich media, to social media connections – right in the context of the page, and present relevant experiences in real time based on the visitor’s behavior.

In addition to providing easy tools to help editors keep content fresh and up-to-date, SiteCore goes one step further in the evolution of creating an engaging and targeted site experience for your visitors with personalization and experience optimizing capabilities with the in-line editor.

E-commerce Services

Many online retailers struggle with the weak content management capabilities of most e-commerce platforms. Not with SiteCore—you can extend your website with the power of the CMS foundation in addition to benefiting from standard e-commerce services such as catalog management. With its multilingual and multi-site capability, online retailing becomes limitless. And because it’s SiteCore, you can rest assured that our e-commerce services will scale and extend to meet your online retail needs today and tomorrow.

In addition, for those retailers that are looking for superior content management but don’t want to leave their current e-commerce provider, SiteCore is flexible enough to integrate with any e-commerce platform.

Infinite Computing Systems and SiteCore

Open Architecture Balanced with Site Security

SiteCore’s .Net-based CMS lets you modify and adjust every aspect of your site, and with our open API, you can even adapt the user interface to fit your needs. The flexible framework also provides the means to easily integrate any and all of your line of business applications using supported open standards and a full data integration and abstraction layer. Out of box, SiteCore integrates with a number of applications including Active Directory, so you can secure content down to the component and element levels.

Control access rights for internal users with customizable workflow process for versioning and content approvals, while utilizing your preferred authentication system to manage site users on your extranet or portal.