Advance Options in Views

Row Scripts

This option allows user to edit the view like adding prefix, suffix, format of string etc.

Edit Styles

User can edit the color for different entity by defining different TEXTCELL for that entity in edit filter.

Edit Styles


  • Iframes are the Custom Developed HTML pages which can be shown as an Entity, View or as a form.
  • For Custom Development refer this link: JavaScript libraryReference.html

  • We need to upload the HTML file with JSBridge JavaScript library file in Offline HTML option in Woodford solutions in Dynamic 365.
Iframe 1
  • After successfully uploading your html to Woodford solutions in Dynamic 365 in the “Offline html “ You can add the Iframe to the entity on which you want your new view to be displayed.
  • For adding the Iframe to the entity. Go to the views section of the desired entity. Go to edit views and add a new Iframe. On the pop up screen, set the properties and give the URL of your html file present in Woodford solutions in Dynamic 365 Offline HTML.
Iframe 2

Advantages of Iframes

  • It helps developer to fetch and customize the data present on Dynamic CRM 365.
  • JSBridge JavaScript library file enables developer to do multiple functionalities for e.g. Barcode Scanning, Filtering data and presenting that data on Screen.
  • Developer can create their own UI.
  • JS Bridge offers maximum customization functionality, but it also has some limitations.


  1. Go to the entity listed on left screen of Woodford solutions in Dynamic 365 as shown in the image below.
  2. Expand it
  3. Click on Forms

Creating a New Form

  1. Click on New to create a new form.
  2. Select type as edit form or contact information form.
  3. Click Ok.
  • User can add only one Edit form and multiple Contact forms.

Editing a form

  1. Edit form gives application user a functionality to edit and save the data from mobile application to Dynamic CRM 365.
  2. Contact form is just to display the data on Associated view screen.

Editing form fields

  • User can edit form fields UI using EDIT STYLES

Adding different tabs

  • User can add different tabs and functionalities in forms like media, signature, notes, map, link etc.
  • The size of the attachments from mobile Application must be less than 10,000 KB.
  • The uploaded images and signatures are stored on Dynamic CRM 365 as notes.