Customizing Entity

Adding an out of box entity as Booking Alert

Following are the steps to add an entity in dashboard:

  1. Enable the desired entity from Woodford solutions in Dynamic 365
Custom Entity-Booking Alert

2. Go to Home option in Woodford solutions in Dynamic 365

3. You can see the list of entities on the extreme right panel of the screen in Woodford solutions in Dynamic 365, click on the desired entity to get it listed on the dashboard view.

Custom Entity-Booking Alert 2


  1. Go to the entity listed on left screen of Woodford solutions in Dynamic 365 as shown in the image below.
  2. Expand it
  3. Click on views

Creating a new view

  1. Click on New to create a new view.
  2. Select type as public view.
  3. Click Ok.

Editing a View

  1. Select the required fields.
  2. Edit those fields

This includes:

Changing width, height, length, color, Kind, Placement etc.

Other customizable options available in views section are:

Customizable Options

Refer the blue boxes in above image to EDIT view UI.

The options available for editing are:

  • Clickable fields/Editable fields

The fields can be of editable or clickable type. Other options are also available like text-click, text-edit etc.

  • User can convert the fields in views as clickable or editable by choosing Kind in view editor.
  • Binding of fields

User can bind the fields present in right list view in Woodford solutions in Dynamic 365.

  • Adding Image

User can add two types of images:

1. List Note images

This is to show images present on CRM as Entity images or image present on each record.

2. Project Images

This is to show images added on Woodford solutions in Dynamic 365 images.

  • Adding Buttons

These buttons get added for a specific row present in public view. We can add buttons like Call, SMS, Email, Export etc.

Adding Buttons

After adding these buttons we will get following output.

Output After Adding Buttons
  • Edit Filter

This is to filter the data a user wants to show in a public view.

  • Edit sort

This is to sort the records with different Conditions.

  • Multi select

This is to add options for selecting multiple records in a public view.

  • Adding Multiple Views

This is to display different list or views in one entity by adding filters.