New UI

  • This is to change the UI from regular to new one.
  • New UI includes making hubs and flexible forms.
  • New UI could look like the following image.
New UI

Making hubs or adding groups

  • This is used to distinguish same type of entities from other Entities.
  • Same type of entities can be grouped together which helps application user to manage and work efficiently.
Making Hubs

Flexible forms

User can have a full screen form or flexible adjustable form:

  •  Go to configurations and change full screen option TRUE or you can change it from Layout option in edit forms for particular entity.
  • The image below shows form without enabling flexible forms
Flexible Forms
  • The image below shows form after enabling flexible forms.
  • We can see in the below image that all fields are visible in one screen. No tabs are shown after enabling flexible forms.
Flexible Forms 2